Kathryn Joy Foster, Destiny Coach​​

breakthrough to a more excellent way of living and working

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Kathryn Joy Foster, also known as Kate has always had an uncommon passion for teaching others. 

Every assignment Kate has had incorporated an element of formal or informal

instruction over the past 35 years.​ Kate delivers a transformational message that mirrors a holistic lifestyle for each participant. 

Kate draws from her unique blend of life coaching, business performance consulting and faith-based lay counseling.​ Kate's diversity of delivery crosses many generations and disciplines to present to you a proven model for your own breakthrough to living and working.

We invite you to pull up a comfortable chair and explore insight and wisdom from her thorough presentation style. 

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Coaching is not new to Kate, prior to receiving her Life Coaching certificate from the Light University, she spent countless hours inspiring, motivating, and challenging those along her course of life. She sees her influence in helping repair the breach to restore holistic paths: spiritual, intellectual, physical, relational, emotional, and economical.

Adding this dimension of coaching to instruction, Kate researched and developed the International Ambassador Institute’s
TM signature course, Don't Rock the Boat! Image DevelopmentTM workshop. This instruction imparts an integrated system that better simplify complexities. There is an authentic and achievable recourse even if someone gets off track. This training encourages the learner to sculpt potential into proven skill. Kate quotes, "until you influence yourself to live transparent, none of the environments you live or work in will ever transform." 

Kate received her certificate in Instructional Design from Langevin Institute; she also independently studied a training manager's curriculum. She completed a Villanova University project management course and received a Certificate of Achievement. Having earned a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Dyke College, now Chancellor University and Jack Welsh Management Institute, she majored in marketing and minored in management. For approximately five years, she served new and developing business owners with business and performance consulting where she had countless opportunities to coach, train and help build sound management systems. Later, Kate concentrated her career in aviation management and retired from public service in September, 2012, just shy of three decades. 

Besides serving as destiny coach, Kate is also a performance consultant, instructional designer, workshop leader, marketing and customer service professional,  publisher and charismatic author, online radio station executive, radio host, playwright, BMI artist, producer, recording artist, songwriter, musician and mentor.

View Don't Rock the Boat! Image Development
TM Workshop brochure. Download what you will learn during the four webinar sessions. Email kate@destinycoachonline.com to schedule your webinar today.

Don't Rock the Boat! Image DevelopmentTM Workshop is published by Read All Over Publishing and distributed by the Kathryn Joy Foster Music Ministries (KJFMM).