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After all course requirements have been met, you will receive a framed Certificate of Completion by mail.

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Lost your direction? Can’t find your way? Learn how to maneuver to achieve life and work course success. Equip yourself with the timeless principles from this revolutionary educational paradigm. There is a way that seems right, but following it may only leads to demise. Now you can recalculate your journey so you won’t miss the right connection. This timeless integrated culture-building system is destiny-driven. It has all the elements you need to be in the winning position. Listen to the The Winning Position to get a picture of working from a safe haven. Then always being rescued won't be your path.

Through reinvention, your vessel will always has an opportunity to experience a new beginning. View

Don't Rock the Boat! Image DevelopmentTM Workshop brochure. Abandon yourself to undeniable customs that activate, even accelerate your  arrival to destiny. This self-investment will not only preserve you afloat, but it will also reignite your internal GPS to advance even during adverse

conditions. This is what you will learn in four, 2-hour live weekly sessions.


Designed and delivered by Kathryn Joy Foster, Destiny Coach, this course is the premiere online course of the International Ambassador InstituteTM

Receive in 8 hours what it took over 8 years to develop. All options include four, 2-hour weekly live sessions. Download what you will take away from Don't Rock the Boat! Image DevelopmentTM workshop.

Online instruction alternatives have been developed for confidential, private group or public groups​.

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