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why wait to explore your life adventure THAT'S within?

breakthrough to a more excellent way of living and working

Welcome to your! 

Destiny Coach, Kathryn Joy Foster unveils her revolutionary educational paradigm with the launching of Don't Rock the Boat! Image DevelopmentTM workshop.

This instructor-led webinar explores breakthrough customs that is in harmony with your own uniqueness. Fueled with

time-tested reinvention curriculum, you will truly be the distinction you were to created to live.

All content is laced with incomparable universal values you will receive in four compelling two-hour online sessions. 


Destiny, yes, destiny is not you arriving somewhere in the future. It is all about tapping into your influence right where you are so the right things start coming to you on purpose. As you understand just how irresistible you really are, breakthrough will be no longer impossible, but inevitable. View Don't Rock the Boat! Image DevelopmentTM  Workshop brochure.

Mastering re-positioning maximizes your authenticity. It doesn't matter where you begin. Once you better recognize the power of right now, portals will begin to expect your entry. A second from now is right now now. A minute from now will still be right now. 
Always possessing the right of way, discover you are the breakthrough going somewhere to happen. Be determined to no longer just sit around and wait for something to happen. As you move forward, your steps become clearer and clearer. 

Discover how to better map out your life and work. Using the designer's manual will help you redefine your direction. Kate moves you gingerly through the lens of transparency. As your inner floodgates grant permission, your total image will lend to complete transformation that is preset before you. Employing these timeless principles will change any environment. Even if dysfunction seems to persist, you can still arise to the occasion to make it your season. 

Your path is not outside of your personal influence. You cannot be stopped by any external force. You will move confidently into the center of what you make happen with your distinctive tools of engagement that you take away from the course. Along the way, you will learn how not to miss your connection. Download what you will learn.

Launch out into the deep! As you freely and fully commit to complete this comprehensive process, destiny accommodates you simply because you are living in your moment in time. Enroll now in Kate's life changing webinar, Don't Rock the Boat! Image DevelopmentTM Workshop. The revelation from this online instruction is destined to change your approach to how you live and work for the better. Don't allow others to fit you into their mold. If you do, your gifts to the world will become misappropriated. Neither settle for being a copy, when you are an original. If you were identical to anyone else, one of you would be unnecessary. Preview the three online options or acquire into inviting Kate to delivering on-site instruction or click here if you are ready to schedule your webinar time.